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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snail Refill Race

I got this idea from Sandi McGiver,
she does awesome work!! I get some of my ideas from her. Check out her blog

Here is what the Snail Refill Race is, I will place an order for Snail Refill. The more we order together, the cheaper the price. (this applies to refills only - you may order the actual snail, but it's costs is set at $5.56 (20% discount). I use my 20% discount to reduce the price, I also use the Hostess Rewards to buy more, which further reduces the price.  So, the bigger our order, the cheaper the snail.  I'm also throwing in free shipping to my house, You pay shipping to you.

 This is the cost depending on how many orders I get:

46 units ordered - price is $3.40 each

61 units ordered - price is $3.33

93 units ordered - price is $3.22

140 and over - price is $3.10 - Best Deal

An Example of the savings - compared to you ordering it without my discount

10 @ $3.40 = $34.00 (your cost) - regular cost $4.50 = $45.00 = $11.00 savings, plus shipping to you $6.95( from S.U.)

Next level

10 @ $3.33 = $33.00 (your cost) - savings of $12.00 plus shipping

Next Level

10 @ $3.22 = $32.00 (your cost) - savings of $13.00 plus shipping

you get the idea right.  Stampin' Up!© Snail, is made by Tombow and is a first rate product, it dispenses two sided tape with a flick of your arm, making your projects go together quickly and securely, with no "glue stick mess"!

Contact me if you would like to join the snail race.

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