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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

I played around with Stampin'Up!'s Holidays Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamp to see what sugar cookie dough worked best with the Cookie Stamp. Here are the results, it is best to use Sugar Cookie dough that is made for cutout cookies, (cookie cutters). This dough has more flour, so it won't rise as high and will keep the shape.  If you decide to use the refrigerator dough, you will need to stamp after baking. I used the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix. See my examples with explanations below.

The first cookies I did were with the drop cookie dough recipe, it does not have you add flour. These first pictures are cookies stamped before baking. These cookies puffed up.

 This next cookie was stamped after being baked.

The next sample is using the cookie dough that adds flour for cutout cookies.
I added blue food coloring to Karo syrup and painted these cookies.
 My youngest one, 16 yr. frosted these cookies with glitter cookie frosting.

My Oldest one just made some for her friends. These are her cookies she made.

Want to make some? Guess what there are more Cookie Stamps coming in the Occasions Mini.

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