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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Gift Card Holder with Treat

To make the Gift Card Holder you will need the following supplies.
Card stock 4in. x 12 in. base
Card stock  3 1/4in. x 2in   for inside  for outside 3in x 3 3/4in
Wide Oval PunchSimply Score
Sticky Strip
Stamp set and ink to decorate
test tube
mini m&m's

Score 4 x 12 card stock length way at 3 1/2 in, 4 1/4 in. 4 3/4 in and 8 3/8 in

Step 2
Between the 3 1/2in  and 4 3/4 in score marks go down from top of card stock 1 1/2 in and cut a slit. Do the same from the bottom going up 1 1/2 in. This is to be the slots that the test tube will go through to be held in place.

Step 3
Fold card stock at 8 3/8 score mark in towards 4 3/4 in  score. 

Step 4
Go from bottom of card stock of what you just folded in step 3 and make a mark 2 1/8 in up. Also at the 8 3/8 in fold make a mark 3/4 in from fold that hits the 2 1/8 in mark. See photo.

Step 5
Cut the square out that was made in step 4.

Step 6
Use the wide oval punch to make a half circle in the middle of where you just cut.

Step 7
Use sticky tape and tape the 3/4 in flap down and the card stock that is up against the 4 3/4 in score mark.

Step 8
Stamp and decorate the card stock for the outside and inside.

Step 9
Tape the inside card stock above the oval cut out, to decorate the top.

Step 10
Use sticky strip to go around the outside of card and place ribbon on top of this. Then mount the decorated card stock to the front.

Step 11
Fill test tube with m & m's and put gift card in.


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