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Monday, October 5, 2009

Christmas Gifts

I have been making some Christmas Gifts for a Class. The Class is this weekend on Saturday, but I'm thinking of adding another day,too. I know I will be giving some of these types of gifts for Christmas. Last year, my kids and I made almost all of the gifts we gave and it felt some much more like a season of giving and it was fun! I'm thinking of trying to stay with a tradition of homemade gifts they are so much more from the heart.

This is a notebook idea I saw from Patty Bennett, she is awesome!!! Not only with stamping, but she has a great personality and helps everyone when she can. This project is $5 to make.

The next two pictures are of magnetic boards that were shown at Stampin'Up!'s annual Convention! Way Fun!! Even though I had a broken foot! I did have fun with the scooter, I even gave my roommate a lift when we were running late. The scooter can go a good speed. Make your own Magnet Board for $8.

I found these jars and I couldn't wait to decorate them. I can think of so many items that can be put in them: friendship tea, nuts, hot cocoa mix, Chocolate Candy, buttons, ribbons, and the list just goes on. Create your jar for your own goodies $3.